Super is a brand held by Al-Arabia Company For Manufacturing Carbonated Drinks And Natural Juices which was established in 2003 by a group of senior businessmen in the Middle East and the Arab world. Shortly after that; it became one of the largest and prominent companies in the Arab world. The Company’s headquarters and the factory’s management are located in Amman – Jordan, where the factory lands on 16000 square meters and considered as one of the largest factories in the Middle East.

Al- Arabia Factory has been constructed on a high Level basis of industrial engineering as to face the needs and the future requirements of manufacturing all kinds of drinks. The company is specialized in creating and developing ways to integrate the unique blends and extracts for carbonated drinks and natural juices by using high quality raw materials, latest technology and unique techniques, and requiting  highly skilled staff in the substantive areas of technical and managerial beverage-related fields.